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LyricFind is the world’s leader in legal lyric solutions. Founded in 2004, LyricFind exists to fill the void of the most popular music content on the Internet – lyrics.

In order to provide a successful lyrics service, LyricFind has not only amassed licensing from over 5,000 music publishers, including ...

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Senior Tech Publicist
Tristra Yeager

LyricFind announces most-mentioned candy brands in lyrics

With Halloween just around the corner, everyone’s favorite candy brand is top of mind - from Hershey bars to Laffy Taffy and everything in between. Indulging in the candy craze, LyricFind has created an infographic listing the most mentioned candy brands in song lyrics.

In ranking the top 12 candy brands, M&M's takes first place with 122 song mentions while Skittles follows closely at 100 mentions. Check out LyricFind's infographic to see the rest of the results and top songs mentioning these brands. From Beyonce to The Beach Boys, almost everyone's got some kind of sweet tooth.

About LyricFind
LyricFind is the world’s leader in licensed lyrics and has licensing from over 5,000 music publishers, including all the majors: Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV, Warner/Chappell Music Publishing and Kobalt. LyricFind has built a quality-controlled, vetted database of lyrics available for licensing and synchronized technology, servicing clients like Google, Deezer, Microsoft, Pandora, and many more.