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New LyricFind Service Automates Lyric Videos For Rights Holders

Canadian licencing company LyricFind has launched a free automated platform to generate high-quality lyric videos in seconds. The initial service enables labels and rights holders to get lyric videos created for entire catalogues, which can be distributed to all the usual online channels and help add a new revenue source.

“We can produce thousands of videos a day,” LyricFind CEO Darryl Ballantyne tells FYI . “Right now, it’s a full-serve service, but we expect to have a self-serve platform available in the near future.”

Many old songs still don’t have a presence on YouTube, except perhaps the fan-created lyric video with photo montages or karaoke-style beach images and lyrics, often wrong. And other lyric videos are simply done for an artist’s singles.

According to LyricFind’s press material, “Lyric videos are one of the most popular types of videos for music monetization, receiving tens of billions of views every year…(and) believes rights holders could collectively earn over $500 million per year more by creating and uploading official lyric videos for back catalogue.”

The idea for LyricFind’s new service came from Bill Wilson, SVP operations & innovation at eOne Music, which then became the launch partner, providing songs from such acts as Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, The Game and Bryant Myers.

The proprietary creation tool automatically generates a branded video that uses custom backgrounds, fonts, and visualizers, and can also produce vetted translations in seven languages.

Ballantyne tells FYI that there are parameters put in place to ensure that a metal song does not have a lyric video with rainbows and puppies, for example.

At the time of publication, LyricFind’s says its lyric videos for songs from The Game, The Documentary 2.0 and Bryant Myers’ Bendecido have amassed “millions of views.”

Below, two examples of LyricFind-generated videos: