Press Clipping
It’s the Canadian May long weekend and people will be gardening. Here are some flowery lyrics data that might help

LyricFind is a Canadian-based company that licenses the use of lyrics online around the world. Given that they have so much access to lyrics, they’re always analyzing what words appear in songs.

For this weekend–the time when every Canadian will descend on a garden centre to get their plants going–they’ve released an infographic featuring which flowers are most commonly mentioned in song lyrics.

If you can’t quite read that, here’s what it says:

• Rose(s): 5,135 mentions
• Daisy/Daisies: 474 mentions
• Lily/Lilies: 370 mentions
• Lotus: 211 mentions
• Orchid(s): 160 mentions
• Poppy/Poppies: 146 mentions
• Magnolia(s): 139 mentions
• Tulips(s): 129 mentions
• Daffodil(s): 121 mentions
• Sunflower(s): 116 mentions