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Xperi Adds Lyrics Feature To DTS Connected Radio Platform

Xperi’s DTS Connected Radio will provide access to song lyrics via a partnership with LyricFind, described as the world’s largest and most accurate, multi-language lyrics catalogue.

The company says it has more than 15 years of licensing history, working directly with music publishers and is available on many of the leading music content platforms.

“We are pleased to be the first and only digital audio solution in our industry to offer this feature globally, which has emerged as a critical automaker requirement,” Bob Dillon, Senior Vice President, Connected Radio at Xperi said in a release. “Not only will lyrics further enhance the in-car radio/audio listening experience, but it can also significantly increase engagement.”

The global rollout of DTS Connected Radio recently began with an announced partnership with Daimler. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class will offer the new advanced radio technology as part of the Daimler MB User Experience (MBUX).

Available in 48 countries, DTS Connected Radio combines over-the-air broadcast radio with internet-delivered content.

During its third quarter earnings call, Xperi CEO Jon Kirchner said he expects Daimler “to roll the platform out more broadly across their product line.” Apart from its luxury Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, Daimler’s fleet includes six truck brands and several passenger vans. “This is the first of many OEMs that we expect to implement our Connected Radio platform,” Kirchner told analysts. “The team has developed and delivered the most advanced next generation radio platform for automotive manufacturers.”

During October’s virtual radio show, the company said the system would first be implemented in Europe with the U.S. and Canada following in December and Asia in early 2021.

Xperi says the new lyrics feature, which is available in 28 languages, is fully integrated and immediately available to automakers within the DTS Connected Radio platform. Among the new features are lyrics display and search, synchronized lyrics (for in-cabin sing-along), translation of song lyrics and lyrics for ‘Now Playing’ music on all sources.

“We're excited to bring our licensed lyrics to Xperi's many services,” LyricFind VP of Sales Roy Hennig added. “Lyrics have the power to boost engagement and amplify entertainment experiences, and we look forward to incorporating lyrics into new innovative spaces and verticals.”