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The Most Popular Lyrics From Black LGBTQ Artists

Pride Month and Black Music Month are both in full swing, and the pop music landscape is graced by many amazing black LGBTQ artists. These artists have played an integral role in shaping pop music in recent years, and there is no better time than now to amplify their voices.

Lyric licensing company LyricFind, who provide lyrics for Google, Amazon, YouTube, and others, used data from their syndication service to highlight the most popular lyrics from notable black LGBTQ artists. LyricFind’s data is based on which lyrics are searched for and viewed the most on these various platforms.

These are the top viewed lyrics in 2020 for some of pop music’s finest:

Frank Ocean

Most popular song lyrics: “Chanel”

Other top lyrics include:




“Self Control”

Janelle Monae

Most popular song lyrics: “I Like That”

Other top lyrics:

“Make Me Feel”



“Django Jane”


Most popular song lyrics: “Tuesday”

Other top lyrics:

“I’m Not Ok”

“I Don’t Sell Molly No More”

“Trust Me Danny”



Most popular song lyrics: “Colour”

Other top lyrics:

“At Night (I Think About You)”


“The Rhythm”



Most popular song lyrics: “Toxic”

Other top lyrics:

“Nights Like This”


“All Me”

“Everybody Business”

Let’s keep celebrating these artists year-round!