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LyricFind’s eBay deal makes lyrics merch available everywhere

This Christmas, get your family’s favourite lyrics printed out on to a T-shirt or mug to show you truly care about them and their tacky aesthetic.
LyricFind aren’t just in the business of licensing lyrics from some of the biggest labels in the world, they also like people to wear those lyrics. Since November 2017 LyricFind has been placing lyrics on merchandise after launching LyricMerch.

LyricMerch allows people to print their favourite lyrics on shirts, phone cases, hoodies, mugs and more. The beauty of it is that, as the lyrics are all officially licensed, the artist and rights-holders get a cut every time their lyrics are used.

LyricFind CEO Darryl Ballantyne says: “Licensing a lyric means more than just using it with permission. It means royalties go to the people who make music happen – the songwriters and rightsholders. When you purchase a LyricMerch t-shirt or mug, your purchase earns money for the writers and teams behind the lyrics.”

LyricFind announced a partnership with eBay last week that will see their lyric emblazoned merchandise available on one of the world’s biggest marketplaces. With “targeted merchandise campaigns” browsers can search and buy a wide range of merch as well as being presented with offerings just for them.

Ballantyne spoke on the partnership, saying: “Having our products available on eBay for its global shoppers allows us to lean into a marketplace that already caters to our target audiences, making this a natural partnership.”

eBay’s Senior Category Manager, Chelsea Walsh added: “LyricMerch and its range of curated offerings will be perfectly at home on our marketplace, and shoppers will be thrilled to find that perfect piece of apparel or merchandise that represents their favourite artists.”

Just in time for Christmas, the partnership has launched with a Christmas gift guide. Featuring all of your favourite Lil Kim lyrics like “Boston put ya lighters up” on a blanket for only $69.99! What a steal…