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Mercedes, Cadillac top most mentioned auto brands in music list

Finding music behind the wheel has undergone a minor revolution. It’s now possible to say your favorite line from your favorite song and have your car stream it immediately. Lyrics are making music search and discovery car-friendly, as voice command takes over how we engage with in-auto media and entertainment.

The search for music will only get more interesting and nuanced as certain types of data are integrated into voice command systems. Soon, you may not even have to have a specific song or line in mind. As search improves, as machine learning and mood data get woven into the mix, it will be possible to use lyric data to find that perfect song for a rainy morning in Boston, or for a summer night’s ride down the 101. Your voice will trigger a contextual search that can dig up the sounds you’re looking for.

To celebrate this new era of music in cars, LyricFind, the world’s leader in lyric licensing, has ranked the top mentions of auto brands in music. Hip hop and country artists are most likely to give car (and truck) shout outs, but you’ll find different makes and models everywhere you listen.

In this infographic, Mercedes dominates with 4,952 mentions in lyrics –country maven Maren Morris dedicated an entire song to “80s Mercedes”–followed by a mix of both luxury and good ol’ American names like Chevy and Ford. (“If it ain’t a Chevy, don’t raise it up,” recommends Snoop Dogg).