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Infographic: What car brands are used most in song lyrics?

Cars have always inspired songs. In fact, one of the earliest true rock’n’roll songs was “Rocket 88,” a 1951 song recorded by Jackie Brensten and His Delta Cats (actually Ike Turner–Tina’s ex–and his crew). It sung the praises of an Oldsmobile engine.

Since then, there have been songs about various Fords and Chevys (think Mustangs and Cadillacs) as well as a slew of other makes and models.

LyricFind, the Canadian company that licenses the use of lyrics for use on the Internet more than any other, also likes to analyze words in songs. Its latest analysis has resulted in this infographic detailing the auto brands most used in songs.

The most name-checked marque? Mercedes-Benz with 4,952 mentions so far. Cadillac is second (2,022) mentions, followed by Bentley (1,852).

Here’s the full list.