Press Clipping
Steph Curry, Warriors beat Boston Celtics to earn this tuneful title

The Golden State Warriors are the champions!

And, no, we’re not just talking in terms of what happens on the court.

The Dubs are also apparently the NBA playoff team that is most name dropped squad in music.

Yes, the Dubs and their players are mentioned more frequently in lyrics than any other team that made the playoffs that year, according to a report by lyric licensing service LyricFind.

Again, this data only takes into consideration teams and players who made the playoffs. So, in other words, LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers weren’t eligible for consideration.

The Warriors triumphed in the contest with 39 song mentions, topping closest contenders the Boston Celtics and Detroit Pistons with 31 and 30 mentions, respectively.

Steph Curry is also the most name-dropped player in the playoffs with 56 lyrical mentions. His closet competition comes from the Houston Rockets’ Chris Paul, who has 47.

Here are the playoff team name-drop rankings:

Golden State Warriors, 38
Boston Celtics, 31
Detroit Pistons, 30
Los Angeles Clippers 28
Toronto Raptors 12
Indiana Pacers 12
Oklahoma City Thunder 8
Philadelphia 76ers 7
San Antonio Spurs 7
Orlando Magic 6
Milwaukee Bucks 5
Houston Rockets 4
New Jersey Nets 4
Utah Jazz 4
Denver Nuggets 2
Portland Trailblazers 2