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LyricFind Counts The Most Mentioned Names Among NBA Playoff Qualifiers

The NBA playoffs are here, and everyone is asking the big questions: Who can beat Golden State? Who will be the postseason standout? And most importantly, which teams are name-dropped the most in music?

To celebrate the arrival of the playoffs, LyricFind has pulled together data on team mentions in song lyrics. As a result, they determined which teams and players among playoff qualifiers are mentioned most frequently. In fact, artists such as Drake, Migos and Lil Wayne have all name-dropped teams and players in their music.

According to the statistics, The Golden State Warriors take the crown for the most song mentions. As a matter of fact, they received 39 song mentions. Then, in second place, the Boston Celtics received 31 mentions. Following in third place, the Detroit Pistons received 30 mentions.

As for the players, Golden State’s Steph Curry leads the way as the most name-dropped player currently in the playoffs. In fact, he received 56 song mentions. Next, in second place, Houston’s Chris Paul received 47 song mentions. Check out Lyricfind’s infographic below to see the rest of the results below.

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