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LyricFind Expands Global Footprint

Canadian company LyricFind has opened offices in Morocco and Vietnam.

These new offices are the latest in several moves to expand the company’s global footprint as the leading source of licensed lyrics.

“LyricFind’s goal has been to expand and diversify our lyric coverage across the world and be able to service as many territories as possible,” says Darryl Ballantyne, Founder & CEO at LyricFind, “and our new offices in Vietnam and Morocco are the next logical steps toward that goal. LyricFind’s global expertise and extensive catalogue of lyrics make us natural partners for the music streaming services and licensing organizations that are coming into their own in markets across the world.”

At LyricFind’s offices in Vietnam, a local team covers Thai, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Bahasa, and Malay language lyrics. LyricFind recently inked a deal with MCT, Thailand’s collective rights management association, to license lyrics by Thai artists. The newest LyricFind office in Tangier, Morocco, is home to a local team covering Arabic and Turkish languages.

LyricFind takes international business savvy and linguistic expertise seriously. In 2018, LyricFind retained expert regional consultants in Japan, Germany, and Brazil to assist the publishing team in acquiring new licensing partnerships. LyricFind also established partnerships with important publishing and PRO players on two continents: Capasso, which covers 38 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, and UBC in Brazil.

“We’re proud of the expansion we’ve made into markets in the Middle East and North Africa, Latin and South America, and Asia,” explains Ballantyne, “Expansion into different territories expands our lyric coverage and makes LyricFind an even more trusted name in the music industry.”