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"Pokemon" & "Fortnite" Reign Supreme Among Music's Most-Referenced Games

In hip-hop, pop culture references tend to permeate any given track, stretching deep into the gaming realm. Rappers have openly professed their love of gaming, with the recent Fortnite craze hitting the hip-hop world with full force. Therefore, it's no surprise that the Battle Royale shooter ended up cracking the top-ten most referenced video game's across all music genres, according to a list by "Lyricfind."

Pokemon sits at the top by a wide margin, and rap fans can likely draw a few references off the top; I can already think of a few from Lil Baby and Mick Jenkins, without straining too hard. While "Donkey Kong" remains one of the game's most referenced, one has to wonder whether Diddy, Dixie, Funky, and the remainder of the beloved ape clan are destined for an upswing in love; after all, Donkey Kong Country 2 was arguably the crowning achievement of the series, and Donkey wasn't even the main character. Other popular titles include Pac-Man, Street Fighter, Tekken, Tetris, Zelda, and Mario Kart.

Check out the full list above, and sound off. Are you surprised at some of these inclusions?