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Ugly Christmas Sweater Gets a Lyric Update

December marks the beginning of celebrations as one prepares to end the year on a good note. Christmas is just a few weeks away but it would be a lie if we don’t accept that we have already started the countdown.

LyricsMerch has announced the arrival of their holiday lyric designs to allow people to express their favourite seasonal tune. With LyricMerch’s holiday-inspired designs you can stand out this season and wear your favorite festive lyrics on a crewneck, hoodie, t-shirt, and more.

LyricMerch’s holiday lyric designs include songs from AC/DC to James Taylor and Ariana Grande. So, no matter what kinds of songs you love, you’ll never be “out” of lyric!

LyricMerch is a consumer-facing lyrics service from LyricFind, the pioneering company that brought fully legal lyrics to search engines, lyric sites, and music streaming services around the world. LyricMerch draws on LyricFind’s database of millions of lyrics and allows fans to put over one hundred thousand licensed lyrics on a wide range of clothing and household items. As explained in our previous piece,

“Unlike other websites that offer merchandise with already printed lyrics, LyricMerch lets people control the content as well the style. This facilitates the end customer to make changes as per his or her requirement. But for people who do not want to spend time on design, the service provides a selection of pre-made designs from LyricMerch’s in-house design team.

The service is not just for music lovers who consume content on regular basis but also for music producers, that is, the artists. The artists, as well as the labels, can collaborate with LyricMerch’s team of designers to create unique merch, ahead of their tour and promotions.”