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LyricFind Announces Deals For Lyric Licensing in Brazil

Licensed lyrics services provider LyricFind has made deals with Brazilian publishers including Som Livre and MK Music, performing rights organization UBC and the country’s largest digital distributor, ONErpm to “bring a monetized and legal landscape for lyrics to the country."

"Brazil’s music business is significant, accounting for over 15% of the revenue generated in South America,” LyricFind’s vp of Music Publishing Robert Singerman said in the announcement from the company.

Until now, Brazil has been an unlicensed or semi-licensed lyrics market and a completely unlicensed and unauthorized lyric translation market,” explains Luciana Pegorer, LyricFind’s representative in Brail.

LyricFind’s content team in Toronto also includes Brazilian employees to verify and implement Brazilian and Portuguese content “We’re looking forward to building a robust monetized and completely legal landscape, as LyricFind did for lyrics in other territories.”

In addition to founding her own music company, Pegorer spent seven years at Warner Music Brazil and served as President for the Brazilian Independent Music Association.

"This is the culmination of years of work together," says Singerman, who will speak on a digital music panel Friday Oct. 26 at the Music Trends Brasil conference in Rio de Janeiro. “This has great potential to increase Brazilian music revenue significantly worldwide, through original lyric exhibition and legal lyric translations.”

LyricFind intends to license all the remaining unlicensed PROs and unlicensed independent music publishers and songwriters with the stated goal of completely legalizing and monetizing all lyric display and usage for the publishers and songwriters.

The Brazilian publishers will also have the opportunity to see their lyrics licensed on shirts, mugs, and other merchandise through LyricFind’s direct-to-fan platform, LyricMerch