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'Baby Shark' Attacks the Streaming Songs Chart With 13 Million Streams

The viral track earned 13.1 million U.S. streams in the latest tracking week.
Viral sensation “Baby Shark” swims onto Billboard’s Streaming Songs at No. 49 on the Nov. 3-dated list, gathering 13.1 million U.S. streams in the week ending Oct. 25 (up 55 percent), according to Nielsen Music.

A nursery song with its origin in the 1900s, the song has scored recent relevance thanks to a version of the song created by South Korean children’s educational company Pinkfong that went viral in Asia last year before more recently finding its way Stateside.

'Baby Shark' Song Leads LyricFind Global Chart
Though the music video initially gained the song its prominence, on-demand audio streams now make up 2.6 million of its overall streams as well, meaning listeners are visiting services like Apple Music and Spotify to get their “Baby Shark” fix, not just YouTube.

The song concurrently rules Kid Digital Song Sales (3,000 downloads) for a seventh week.

“Baby Shark” also led the LyricFind Global chart for a week (Oct. 27).