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M&M's and Skittles Are the Most-Mentioned Candies in Music Lyrics

Halloween is coming up . . . so the people at 'LyricFind' searched their database and put out a list of the most-mentioned CANDIES in song lyrics.

M&M's are #1 with 122 mentions, although some of those weren't totally on the level. For example, MIGOS rapped about M&Ms but were referencing M16 guns, and TRAVIS SCOTT name-dropped M&Ms as slang for the drug MDMA.

But other songs do actually talk about the literal candy, such as Chance the Rapper's "Brain Cells" and "Back to the 80s" by Aqua. In any event, here are the Top 11:

1. M&M's, 122 mentions

2. Skittles, 100 mentions

3. Hershey's, 92 mentions

4. Kit Kat, 60 mentions

5. Jolly Rancher, 39 mentions

6. Tootsie Roll, 38 mentions

7. Starburst, 36 mentions

8. Pop Rocks, 29 mentions

9. Laffy Taffy, 25 mentions

10. Twizzlers, 16 mentions

11. Lifesavers, 9 mentions has a chart with all 11 of these, that includes a few songs where each of the candies are mentioned.