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The Most Mentioned Candies In Music Lyrics

What is usually one of the first candies you think of? Often times it is something revolving around Hershey's right?! Their chocolate is easy to get a hold of, it tastes the same and it's iconic.

When it comes to music lyrics what candy do you think it the most-mentioned kind? Turned out is the Hershey chocolate bar & M&Ms - not to be confused with Eminem! See what I did there?! Haha!

A new report from LyricFind is the one that found this out.

"LyricFind found that, in searching its database of music lyrics, M&M's were mentioned 122 times. Of course, that doesn't mean the candy was specifically being referenced here; for instance, Migos' eponymous tune is talking about M16 guns, while Travis Scott's "Butterfly Effect," which also prominently mentions the candy in its chorus, uses the name as slang for MDMA."

How interesting huh?! And what I find most interesting is that this is found mostly in rap and hip hop like Chance The Trapper, Migos, Travis Scott, Drake, Jay-Z and more but every candy they mention are metaphors or have a lingo.