Press Clipping

Facebook Announces New Music Products:

Facebook has announced a slew of new music features. One such feature, Music on Facebook Stories, does exactly that. Users can now add a song to their photo or video shared to their Facebook story. They are expanding Lip Sync Live, which will provide more real-time interaction between artists and fans during performances of songs on FB. They have also teased a new section that will allow people to pin a song to their profile or page, which was always a popular feature on Myspace.

SoundCloud Announces Instagram & Dubset Partnerships:

This week SoundCloud announced an integration with Instagram that will allow users to share songs from SoundCloud to their Instagram stories. Once the song is shared to Instagram, someone who sees the story will be able to click on the song and be able to play the song on SoundCloud. It has also announced a partnership with Dubset, which will “test and develop next-generation approaches to clearing remixes on SoundCloud.” The partnership will focus on “enabling faster rights clearances, attribution and monetization for both content creators and rights holders.” It will be rolled out to a select number of remixers for beta testing later this year and then will be extended to DJ mixes over time.

LyricFind Announces Deals For Lyric Licensing in Brazil:

Licensed lyrics services provider LyricFind has signed a deal with Brazilian publishers Som Livre, MK Music, performing rights organization UBC and the country’s largest ONErpm digital distributor. Now writers and publishers will be paid for their lyrics being displayed online. Brazil is 15% of the South American market and the largest market in South America so this is a big move.

Blue Headphones Win 2018 Emmy Award:

Blue Headphones won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement In Engineering Development. Their Mix-Fi studio headphones are the first ever headphone to win in the category. The Mix-Fi has been used on some of the biggest shows on television, including HBO’s Westworld, ABC’s Grey's Anatomy, CBS’s NCIS and more.