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LyricMerch’s New Consumer-Facing Lyrics Service Launches Their Hometown Collection

LyricFind, the groundbreaking company that brought fully legal lyrics to search engines, lyric sites, and music streaming services has launched a new consumer-facing lyrics service, LyricMerch. The new LyricMerch service utilizes LyricFind’s database of lyrics and allows fans to put over one hundred thousand licensed lyrics on a wide range of clothing and household items. Customers have the option to choose from high-quality t-shirts, caps, mugs, and shower curtains to put their favorite lyrics on legally.

Adding to their lyrical product design options, LyricMerch, just launched their exclusive “Hometown” lyric designs from artists like Katy Perry, Lil’ Kim, Kendrick Lamar and more. The designs have your hometown logo with song lyrics like Katy Perry’s “California Girls” underneath the city name.

If those options aren’t your cup of tea, LyricMerch also offers a selection of pre-made designs from LyricMerch’s in-house design team. The LyricMerch team will create original designs for artists or labels when they need unique merch for an upcoming release or tour.

Getting started on LyricMerch to create your lyrical shirt is fairly simple. On the homepage, located here:, enter the artist, song or lyric snippet in the search field. The next page will bring up the artists and songs from them to choose from. Once the customer has decided on a song they can either use a design they already curated or create your own with the lyrics of your choice. I chose to create my own using John Lennon’s version of “Stand By Me.”

In the next screen customer will need to decide if they want a high-quality t-shirts, caps, mugs, and shower curtains for their design. After choosing the product you want to have the lyrics on you now get the creative ability to choose any part of the song’s lyrics by highlighting them and clicking add lyrics. The lyrics will then appear on the product of your choice to edit.

Using their easy-to-use design interface customers can choose font color, size, positioning and product color. Once you have submitted your order they will custom print your creation. After creation of the lyrical product rightsholders get royalty payments for the use of their work. The process for me from start to finish was at most 30mins to create my lyrical shirt.

To shop for LyricMerch “Hometown” designs click here and for more information or to create your own lyrical shirt click here. Note, LyricMerch is currently only available to users in Canada and the United States.

About LyricFind:

Founded over a decade ago, LyricFind has made it its mission to bring lyrics out of the shadows and into fully legal usage, turning what was once an industry loss leader into a true asset. Lyrics dominate music-related searches, direct fans to their favorite tracks, and promise to dominate voice command. LyricFind also partners with design-conscious artists and their teams, as well as social media influencers, to craft just the right product.


Source: LyricFind, LyricMerch