Press Clipping

In honor of President’s Day we are recognizing the past and present leaders of our country that have been the most talked about lyrically. Barack Obama, Donald Trump, George W. Bush — all of these names and more have become common references in music since their time in office.

According to LyricFind, Barack Obama is the most name-dropped president of all time, with over 300 mentions. Most notably, Young Jeezy hyped up Obama with the track “Black President” featuring Nas.

Just a year into his term, and President Donald Trump is already in fifth place, as far as lyrics go. But we can’t say much of the content has been favorable. Like with The Game x Skrillex – “El Chapo,” for example…

This is goons day, I can have Guadalupe
Come through and knock Donald Trump out his tupee
Now look at his brains all on the sidewalk
And tuck the .38 and jump on my skywalker

Here are the most name dropped presidents of all time, via Billboard!

Presidents Most Name-Dropped In Music
6. Jimmy Carter, 17 mentions
System of a Down – “I-E-A-I-A-I-O”
Kenny G – “Auld Lang Syne”

5. Donald Trump, 33 mentions
The Game feat. Skrillex – “El Chapo”
Meek Mill and Rick Ross – “Off the Corner”
YG – “FDT”

4. Ronald Reagan, 59 mentions
Kanye West and The Game – “Crack Music”
Kendrick Lamar – “Ronald Reagan Era”

3. Bill Clinton, 105 mentions
The Fugees – “The Beast”
Lil B – “Bitch I’m Bill Clinton”

2. George W. Bush, 116 mentions
Beastie Boys – “In a World Gone Mad”
Lil Wayne – “Georgia … Bush”

1. Barack Obama, 309 mentions
Young Jeezy feat. Nas – “Black President”
A$AP Mob – RAF
Jay-Z – “On to the Next One”