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Obama Is the Most Name-Dropped President in Music

With today being President’s Day, LyricFind has taken a look at every song that mentions a U.S. president. From current Commander in Chief Donald Trump, to Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, the numbers show that Barack Obama is the most name-dropped president in music, as Billboard points out.

Thanks to the likes of Frank Ocean and Jeezy, among many others, Obama has been shouted out roughly 309 times in a slew of songs. Coming in at number two is George W. Bush who has been name-dropped 116 times, while Bill Clinton rounds out the top three with 105 mentions.

Others included in the top five are Ronald Reagan (59 mentions) and Donald Trump (33 mentions).

While we foresee Trump’s (negative) shoutouts increasing, follow over to Billboard for more surrounding the most name-dropped presidents in music.

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