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Want Bespoke Merch from Your Favourite Artist? This Company Will Do It for You

LyricFind–a Toronto-based company that makes lyrics legally available for a variety of digital and online uses–has just expanded into a new division called LyricMerch. For the first time ever, any fan can design their own band merch that will feature their favourite song lyrics baked right in.

Just want one line? Fine. Maybe a full chorus? Okay. Or you can have your object festooned with the lyrics of an entire song.

What kind of merch? T-shirts, obviously, but also sweatshirts and hoodies. Coffee mugs, too, of course. But don’t stop there.

Want inspiring lyrics on your shower curtain? Done. On your phone case? Done and done. Beach towels, pet clothes, dog bowls–virtually anything anyone can imagine being made better with by being dressed with song lyrics is possible. Imagine, for example, having Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” on a duvet cover.

LyricMerch also has an in-house design team that will create something totally original for artists and labels would want something really, really cool to sell on an upcoming tour.