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LyricFind, Spanish Language Join Forces

LYRICFIND has teamed up with MUSICA.COM, the most visited SPANISH-language lyric site.
Commented LYRICFIND CEO DARRYL BALLANTYNE: “This is an exciting agreement for us as MUSICA.COM is one of the largest international lyric sites in the world. The majority of its traffic comes from areas where licensed lyrics display hasn’t gotten much traction yet, like MEXICO and ARGENTINA. It’s great to bring licenced lyrics to these markets and properly compensate songwriters and publishers.”
Based in SPAIN, MUSICA.COM is the latest lyric website to partner with LYRICFIND and adopt its licensing model. The relationship ensures that songwriters and publishers get paid for the use of their work, and that sites have accurate, vetted lyrics available in several languages.
Added MUSICA.COM CEO/co-founder JAVIER GARCIA: “At the present moment, MUSICA.COM has over 14 million fans on FACEBOOK and 75 million visitors each month. It is a big step to globally license our lyrics in order to offer them to our SPANISH-speaking audience. Our aim is to continue being the lyric reference for music on the internet."
Said LYRICFIND VP Sales ROY HENNIG: “MUSICA.COM is the largest and most trafficked international lyric website. While other sites may have larger audiences in the U.S., MUSICA.COM reaches a much wider audience by tapping into EUROPE and CENTRAL and SOUTH AMERICA.”