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Selena Gomez Just Nabbed Instagram's Most-Liked Photo Ever -- And It's A Win For Coke, Too

Yesterday, Selena Gomez secured herself a new No. 1, though this latest achievement wasn’t on any of the Billboard charts. The pop singer and actress can now claim to have the most-liked Instagram photo of all time, which in today’s social media-obsessed world is a big thing.

This photo, which sees Gomez holding a can of Coke featuring the lyrics to one of her own songs, now has over 4.1 million likes, which puts her far ahead of the previous record-holder, which was…her. Before Selena and her soda-sipping took over the title of most-liked photo ever, a throwback picture of Gomez and then-boyfriend Justin Bieber, posted by the latter after they had broken up, ruled the social platform. Considering that hers is the most-followed account on Instagram with 89.3 million followers, the popularity of pictures that feature her isn’t entirely surprising, though that doesn’t mean the numbers connected to all things Selena on social media aren’t any less impressive.

This must be happy times for everyone in Selena’s camp, though the cheers are probably louder coming from Coca-Cola’s marketing department, as this is as much a win for them as anybody. Sure, Selena benefits from the publicity, and having a new home in the record books is great, but this is a dream come true for the world’s largest soda brand.

The company’s latest promotional campaign, entitled “Share a Coke and a Song,” has Coca-Cola paying to use lyrics from dozens of incredibly popular songs by some of the most revered artists of all time, as well as current-day pop stars and even a few up-and-coming acts. In addition to Gomez, names like Queen, DJ Khaled, and Taylor Swift are all taking part in this project. Though each can only features a few words, the association is certainly costing the company a pretty penny, but with social successes like Selena’s, it’s paying off.

How much Coca-Cola paid for the rights to use Selena’s lyric isn’t clear, as the details of these deals weren’t made public, but being able to connect with a star as popular as Gomez never comes cheap for a brand, especially when a celebrity’s social media channels get involved.

According to Darryl Ballantyne, the CEO of LyricFind, a company that specializes in licensing lyrics for commercial products but that did not work on this project specifically, the deal with Selena’s publishing company was likely “a flat fee for a period of time for them [Coca-Cola] to be able to use the lyric, rather than deal with the reporting,” such as one where Coca-Cola had to pay for every can printed. Ballantyne explained that Coca-Cola likely secured the rights directly from the publisher, and from there the undisclosed fee is split between several different people, including the writers. The song in question, entitled “Me & the Rhythm,” was penned by a handful of the biggest names in pop music, including Gomez herself, so this deal probably landed her a healthy check.