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Google Adds Lyrics Of Song To Search Results:

Over the past 20 years, Google has been a company which has been a dominating force when it comes to the markets of technology. The company has been coming out with some of the biggest innovations and updates of all times, and over the years there have been many changes which have come from the company. However, their core business proposition and most popular business for which they are known for still remains Google Search.

Google Search has now added a new feature to its already powerful arsenal of search technologies – the search results will now display the lyrics of a song. For instance, if you search for Queen’s hit ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, you’ll get the search results, and you’ll get the lyrics of the song in a box as the first result. This new feature is part of a multi-year licensing deal with Toronto company LyricFind.

“LyricFind has been the main driver behind creating a legal and global lyric infrastructure for all platforms, and its partnership with Google further strengthens this mission. LyricFind collects new royalties for songwriters and rights holders, and benefits music fans who engage more easily than ever with lyrics that inspire them,” said LyricFind team in a blog post.

Announcing the partnership, LyricFind CEO Darryl Ballantyne said, “We’re happy to expand the depth and quality of lyrics available on Google’s services. We’re working together to make lyrics available to a larger audience in a faster and more efficient way.”

Ballantyne told Billboard, “It should be a significant revenue stream. I can’t get into the rates, but we expect it to be millions of dollars generated for publishers and songwriters as a result of this. It’s all based on usage. Royalties are paid based on the number of times a lyric is viewed. The more it’s viewed, the more publishers get paid.”

This is indeed quite a step forward for the company.