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Can't remember the lyrics? Ask Google Search

Can't remember the lyrics to Guster's This Is How It Feels To Have A Broken Heart? Or perhaps you want to have every word memorized from The Schulyer Sisters, one of the fantastic hip hop songs written by Lin Manuel Miranda for his game changing Broadway smash Hamilton. Starting today, thanks to a deal inked by Google and LyricFind, use the search engine to find song lyrics in the U.S. and you will see most of the words show up in the search results. To see the full lyrics, you will tap on a link to Google Play.

Why force users to click on a link to see the full lyrics? It is about the almighty buck. In addition to seeing the full lyrics in Google Play, you will be prompted to purchase a digital copy of the song whose lyrics you were searching for. But artists stand to profit from more than just song purchases. According to LyricFind Chief Executive and co-founder Darryl Ballantyne, songwriters and publishers stand to net millions of dollars from lyric searches.

"It should be a significant revenue stream. I can’t get into the rates, but we expect it to be millions of dollars generated for publishers and songwriters as a result of this. It’s all based on usage. Royalties are paid based on the number of times a lyric is viewed. The more it’s viewed, the more publishers get paid."-Darryl Ballantyne, CEO and co-founder, LyricFind"

The new feature starts today in the U.S. Previously, searching for lyrics via Google would return links to several third party sites that display lyrics. LyricFind currently manages the rights to lyrics from more than 4000 publishers meaning that Google will probably have the words to even the most obscure track like Zydrate Anatomy, a song from the cult movie Repo! The Genetic Opera.