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Google deal with LyricFind makes finding song lyrics a pleasant experience again

If you’ve ever Googled for song lyrics, you know what a messy experience it can be – half the sites proving to be just links to other sites, others looking really sketchy. For those in the US, though, things should be much simpler. Google has licensed lyrics from LyricFind, which in turn licenses them from labels, so that a search for a song title with ‘lyrics’ on the end should generate an immediate link.

Of course, Google is arriving rather late to the party …

These days, most of us probably use our phones to identify songs, with apps like Shazam generally also being able to display the lyrics. But for those times when you do want to use Google for the task, it’s very refreshing to see them straight away.

Google has reportedly licensed the rights internationally, so we hope to see this roll out to other countries shortly.