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Google and LyricFind's partnership will help you easily view lyrics in search

Thanks to a deal between Google and a Toronto-based company called LyricFind, lyrics to your favorite songs will be much easier to discover from now on. In fact, you won’t be needed to enter separate websites if you wish to find them, as they’ll be available on the first page of your search results.

Not just that, this partnership between the search giant and LyricFind will also put lyrics inside Google Play Music. What this effectively means is that all the websites that are currently offering song lyrics on their own are set to receive a massive blow.

Since the words to required songs will be available right in the search results, users won’t be required to click on their links anymore. While some of these websites offer licensed lyrics, many of them do that without any licenses and this is what may have convinced Google to take this step.

If you’re considering LyricFind too to be lyrics-focused website then you are wrong. It’s actually the world’s largest lyric licensing service which has partnered with more than 4000 publishers from all over the world. It will now be providing licensing for all the lyrics displayed in Google’s search results as well as in the Play Music app.

The fruits of this partnership are already showing for us with popular songs. All we had to do was type in the name of the song and suffix it with ‘lyrics’ for the feed to show us a full chart of that entire track’s lyrics.

This deal between Google and LyricFind is a great one from the consumer point of view, but for websites that are thriving on offering the same service right now, it spells nothing but doom.