Press Clipping
Google and LyricFind: lyrics in SERP

Everyone has happened to want to know the lyrics of a song, to hum or simply a desire to understand its meaning. There are mobile application dedicated to this purpose, but the easiest thing to do is type in the title of a search engine. Soon the operation will be even easier and immediate surrender, thanks to the collaboration announced between Google and LyricFind , which was founded in 2004 and based in Toronto.

The partnership will bring lyrics directly in the SERP (ie results pages), without forcing the user to click further to external sites to start reading them. They will appear in the upper part of the interface, as shown in the screenshot attached below. The handshake will also affect the platform Google Play Music , allowing users to see the lyrics while listening. At the moment we do not know how much will have to wait for the rollout internationally: in the United States, however, many report that they have already managed to see the text directly in the search engine.