Press Clipping
LyricFind and Google partner up for song lyrics in search results and Google Play Music

The main reasons I can speak and write in English so well (or at least I think I do), despite it being my third language, are song lyrics and movie subtitles. Teenage-me used to spend hours listening to American music and watching American movies, trying to understand what was being said, then resorting to hit the subtitle button on my VCD player (I'm old) or to go to LetsSingIt to find the lyrics. They helped me get pronunciation right like no book or college course ever could.

I still love checking out lyrics to my favorite songs, even if I can pretty much understand everything, but there are instances when words or sentences aren't that clear or can be interpreted in different manners. But I find it sad that many music player apps including Google Play Music still don't natively support lyrics. I've resorted to using Musixmatch when I'm doing some heavy music discovery, Googling the words when I need them sporadically, or using Google Now on Tap to display them if it works.

But now things might be getting really better with this partnership between Google and LyricFind. The latter isn't a site to find lyrics, but a legal and vetted lyrics licensing service that works with more than 4000 music publishers in 100 countries and pays them back royalties for their lyrics' use. And now, it will start providing these lyrics to show inside Google's search results (as Knowledge Graph cards maybe? just personal speculation) and within Google Play Music.

There's no word on when the fruits of this partnership will be visible to us users. I've tried a couple of Google searches and some Google Play Music songs, but nothing showed up — it will probably be a while before anything does. But it's finally happening and that's fantastic news for all music junkies who want to hum along accurately.