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Google Search Now Supports Song Lyrics

Google has made a change to Google Search and it now comes with song lyrics. Google has teamed up with LyricFind and now when you search for a song in Google it will show you the lyrics of the track.

The feature is only available in the US version of Google at the moment, we tested it on and and it is only available in the .com so far.

In order to find lyrics in Google search all you need to do is enter the name of the song followed by the word ‘lyrics’.

So if you wanted to search for the Rickroll song fro Rick Astley, you type in Never Gonna Give You Up Lyrics, as we did above and Google will show you the full lyrics for the track.

It is not clear as yet on exactly when Google will roll this feature out to other countries and other versions of its search. If you are not in the US you can still use the feature by going to