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LyricFind Partners With Google To Deliver More Lyrics, Administer Rights

LYRICFIND has partnered with GOOGLE to add lyrics from over 4,000 publishers and, within GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, to provide licensing for lyrics displayed in its search results as well as in the music app.
LYRICFIND CEO DARRYL BALLANTYNE said: “We’re happy to expand the depth and quality of lyrics available on GOOGLE’s services. We’re working together to make lyrics available to a larger audience in a faster and more efficient way.”
LYRICFIND's partnership with GOOGLE allows it to collect new royalties for songwriters and rightsholders, and benefits music fans who engage more easily than ever with lyrics.
By helping to source lyrics for GOOGLE’s search results and GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, LYRICFIND continues to demonstrate how lyrics data can be integrated into a variety of services for music discovery and monetization.